Padbay - iPad mini Einbau Halterung im Auto

Padbay - iPad mini Einbau Halterung im vw Passat

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”
– Steve Jobs: The Guts of a New Machine (1993, Artikel in der New York Times)

What is the Padbay

A perfect interplay between Softwaredesign, Integration and functionality.

The Idea

Integrate the iPads in your vehicle, without compromise and without limitation

The development

Padbay has gone through a long development process to achieve an uncompromising integration.

The iPad in your vehicle

It replaces the multimedia interface of your aftermarket radio which is integrated behind the iPad.

All inclusive!

your iPad is already the perfect function! Why not using it in your car?


The special brackets provide the highest possible safety for you and your iPad!


Padbay is manufactured to the highest quality standards! Designed in Germany.

Padbay in your vehicle

The perfect Integration "iPad mini" in your car...

VW Golf 6

VW Passat

VW Eos

VW Tiguan

VW Amarok


The Padbay App

The app combines all of the features of your iPad! Optimally efficient and easy to use in your car.

Padbay in many different Designs

Personalize the app so it fits perfectly the design of your car.

Many features briefly explained

The Padbay app offers many features for example media player, send messages, etc

Padbay - Easy to use

An ergonomic user interface allows easy operation.

Products and compatibilities

What is there and what else can be combined?

Padbay aperture

Different panels in different materials


Get the full package Padbay and enjoy the overall concept


A list of recommended and compatible car radios

Get Padbay!

Get your Padbay today!


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